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Do We Remember These?
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We've lost touch with the following classmates.
If you are in touch with any of them, please send address, phone #, email address, or whatever you have to: 

Diane Follis Anselm (danselm@nisource.com), 219-464-1568

John Anderson

Lynn Newell (Biggs)

Tom Biggs

Karen Lemster (Brown)

Terri Whetzel (Bruce)

David Carlson

Ailene Clayburn

Bill Comeford

Gary Conner

Richard DuFallo

Gretchen Foote

Dennis Grady

Sandra Graham

Melodye Hall

Gerald Hall

Rebecca Dennison (Hickey)

Jackie Hoover

Tom Hutton

Harold King

Judy Hofferth (Larue)

Pat Hennessey (Maxwell)

Pat Hawkins (Miller)

Cheryl Pierce (Moore)

Mari FIscher (Popp)

Mary Jo Cluck (Potter)

Lauri Shufflebotham

Robert Springsteen

Marilyn Deviney (Sternberg)

Ron Thompson

Suzie Underwood
(Collins Hughes)

Ken Vandrey

Richard Williams

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